We Are Essex Coffee Roasters

We are a small batch specialty coffee roasting company. While we are small, you will still find our beans at select cafes around the US as we are continuing to grow! We take great pride in roasting and work to capture as much of the natural “notes” of each coffee bean we can, so you can enjoy every roast.

While our goal is to bring you the best flavor in each of our roasts, we also strive to educate people on the flavors of coffee, and the whole process from growing your coffee to cupping your coffee.

While we do love a dark roast, not all beans are meant to be roasted dark, and you could miss out on many other flavors if every bean is roasted the same way.

Because we offer a number of different roasts all of our beans are roasted to order, so our beans are not sitting on the shelf. We roast different coffee beans on different days so your order could potentially get shipped out the day after you order, or it could take a few days before we roast it. So whether you drink your coffee only in the morning, or all day long, you are guaranteed to be receiving a fresh batch.

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